Ticket to Mars

In Ticket to Mars🚀🌠 you’ll have to choose who is going to Mars. You start with 5 action cars, 2 for moving into the spaceship, 1 for getting off, moving to another spaceship and a countdown marker. The last one is for starting over with the action cards. When choosing for this card, the Spaceship marker goes down on the ignition tracker. When it reaches 0, the game ends. The winner is the one with the most points.

The game start after everyone has picked 3 cars, one from each deck. So one pair card, occupancy and 1 character card. You get points for each spaceship that point you’ll reached with those 3 cards. So when you’ll have one of your character in each spaceship, you’ll get the points and that card and each spaceship.

We had fun with playing this game, but the rules weren’t so it took us a bit longer to start playing and after the first game we had to start over and then we played it right. The rules should really change and make clear how you have to play it. After all it’s a fun game and you can play it fast. Noticed that GDM Games is still growing and there games are still getting better, can’t wait to try the next game of them Wanted 7. They are also at Spiel so go and check them out!

Rating (1-5) ⭐⭐ (⭐) , 3stars when the rules are changed.

Ticket to Mars🚀🌠 is a game for 2-5 players

Time to play:⌚ around 15 minutes