Gremlins Inc

Game summary:
A game for 2-6 players
Play time around 60 minutes
Designer Alexey Bokulev
Yaroslav Pavlyshynets
Czacha Games

Gremlins Inc. is a cardgame for 2-6 players and no it has nothing related to the movie from 1984, but this time Gremlins are tiny creatures that live inside mechanisms. For example when a watch has malfunctions it’s probably due to gremlins. In this game you play a selfish corrupt gremlin where you have to complete your own projects but also disrupt projects from the other players. Last year they've released a Polish edition and now it's almost time for the rest of the world.



This project is going live at Kickstarter in almost a week.

A copy of the Polish edition


- Rulebook;
- 78 Action cards;
- 37 Project Cards;
- 12 Permanent Project Cards;
- 45 Prestige Tokens.

There are 3 type of resources.

The first type is Gold (red color) the most common resource then,
Malice (brown color) a common resource that’s required for projects to cause harm to other players and then Industry (green color) these are a rare type of resource that’s only used for project.

On top of the card you can see the type of resource.



Let’s get it to the table

Shuffle the complete deck, then deal to each player 6 cards. Every player can discard a few cards and draw new cards till everyone player has 6 cards.

Every player got 2 actions, then every player draws again to have 6 cards in their hands. Sometimes a player can have a 3th action, then first the draw phase starts and after that the player can take his 3th action.


To complete a project, you need the amount of resources that you can see on the project card (left corner).

Every card can be used to start a project (action, project and permanent project cards).
Action cards can be used  for immediate action
Every card can also be used as a resource card (action, project and permanent project cards).


Start a project; Place a project card face down, in front of you. Every player can have max 3 projects. Every project starts face down (unless it’s allowed).

Assign a resource; Place any cards face up behind the project to which you assign that resource, leaving only its resource indicator visible.

Play an action card; Pay the cards costs by discarding the required … from your projects under construction then place the action card face up on the table and follows its instructions. Afterwards discard he card

Complete a project; Make sure that the project has the required … then show it and the amunt of prestige points that’s indicated on the project card and follow the instructions on the project card.

Cancel a project;
Discard one of your projects with all assigned resources, you don’t receive any prestige points at this turn.

Finish your turn early;
you are able to carry out just one action instead of 2.

You’re the winner (and so the most corrupt gremlin) if you got the amount of prestige points that you have agreed on for starting the game. For example, 10 prestige points for a quick game or 20/ 30 prestige points for a longer game. 

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5
My rating: 7 out of 10 dices


Gremlins Inc. is a pretty nice card game with nice graphics. When first playing this game and reading the rules we needed some time to understood everything. But after 2 games playing and reading a lot, we understood everything. It really is a nice game and when you choose to end the game after 10 prestige points, then it really is a quick game. We haven’t played longer points for more than 20 points because else it wouldn’t be that fun anymore (but that’s our opinion).
We really enjoyed it and we’re definitely going to play it more.

Thanks a lot to Przemek Kochowicz for letting me review Gremlins Inc.. A little note; it is a preview so not everything are final components!